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Yönetmen : Nihat Durak

Senaryo : Volkan Sümbül , Emre Özdür

Yapımcı : Timur Savcı

Müzik : Fahir Atakoğlu

Görüntü Yönetmeni : Selahattin Sancaklı

Vizyona Giriş Tarihi : 17 Kasım 2006

Süre : 116 dk

Tür : Dram, Duygusal

Ülke : Türkiye

The Arifoğulları family, one of the notable families of the town, are far from their days of glory. Most of their plantations have been sold, leaving them with nothing excep for an olive oil factory. The head of the family, Arif Arifoğlu is an 85-year-old acerbic man who has long retired from his business. His son Azmi's only concern in life is to win back the heart of his ev wife Nevin.

The death of great-grandfather Arif Arifoğlu reveals secrets that have been kept hidden for years. The second son of the family, Asaf had gone off to tje Koren War 40 years ago. Since Asaf was taken prisoner at war and not heard from ever again, everyone in town considered him dead. The eldest son Azmi was in love with his younger brother's fiancee Nevin. Taking advantage of the fact that his brother had died, Azmi reached his goal and married Nevin.

After two year of captivity, Asaf writea to his brother that he has been rescued, and that he will be returning to town but he is devastated by the reply he gets from him.

The whole town considers him dead. His brother married the girl he love; and they have a kid together. Upon this news, Asaf can not bring himself to return to tow. With immense disappointment and questions he carries in his head, he captains out in the open seas for years. Until news of his father's death reach him.

Characters from different generations who experience "first love" and the places and situations these "first love"s take them form the main axis of the story in this film.